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With a reported 82% of smartphone users searching for a local business, product or service online using a ‘near me’ search. Isn’t it time you started getting found by customers Near You?

Here at, our knowledgeable local SEO experts can help your business to be found by online customers in your city and beyond!

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The NearYou 6 Step Local Marketing Strategy

Many marketing agencies will keep this information to themselves, unwilling to divulge too much information to both clients and competitors. But we’re not your usual local marketing agency, we’re happy to be up front and honest with our clients about what we do, how we do it and what we suggest to get the best results from any work we undertake.

In fact, we’re even happy to provide you with reports of our findings and allow you to either do the work yourselves using your own in-house teams or indeed, use our reports to pass on to your new or existing marketing agency if you choose to go down that route instead. That’s because after requesting one of our reports, you’re under no obligation to go any further if you don’t want to.


If you are reliant on customers finding you online and have been in business for 10 years or more, you will no doubt have noticed just how much of your search engine traffic from Google has evaporated. Google’s power to make a break your businesses profitability online cannot be understated!

With algorithmic changes which can just as easily help as well as hurt your business coming at us thick and fast, it’s difficult to know where to start your online marketing journey. Unless you’re willing and able to feed Google’s insatiable appetite for profits from their highly profitable (for them at least) advertising business – Google Ads (formally Adwords). Then it can be difficult to know how to get started…

For many businesses that are purely online such as ecommerce businesses, local SEO may not always be the most ideal method to promote and market your business. However, it’s important to ensure that all areas of your business and your website are optimised online to ensure that Google considers your business and your website to be legitimate and an authority within your industry.

This is where NearYou excel, as local marketing specialists with over 30 years combined experience in SEO, Paid Ads marketing, email marketing and SMS marketing, the team at NearYou can combine our extensive knowledge of Google search and Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads to ensure your business gets the maximum amount of exposure Testimonials

“We've worked with other marketing companies where the transition from sales to actual SEO work left a lot to be desired. Richard Daniels and the team at NearYou have been a breath of fresh air.”

Harry Bailey, Nationwide Bar Fittings Company

“I run a local gardening businesses and had initially been looking for help with my new website. Thanks to NearYou, I now have a much better website than my competition and I'm ranking well for my keywords and getting plenty of enquiries now."

Sean James, Local Gardening Services Company

“We came to NearYou as a recommendation from one of our customers. We found Richard and the guys at NearYou to be highly knowledgeable about local SEO and Adwords.”

Mike Newman, Accident and Body Repairs Company